How to add your portfolio to your LinkedIn account to showcase your work


Depending on the type of industry you work in, sometimes a resume just isn’t enough. One of the best ways to get noticed on LinkedIn and stand out from other candidates is by adding a creative portfolio to your LinkedIn profile.

A portfolio will help showcase your visual pieces attractively and potential clients or hiring managers can see at a glance, what you do and how you can help their business.

For example, if you are a Web Designer, you can showcase screenshots of websites you’ve worked on. If you work within the marketing industry you can showcase content creation pieces along with links to blogs you have written.

From personal websites to interactive social media posts, there are different types of content you can include within your LinkedIn portfolio to present your skills and experience.

Ideally, in your portfolio, you will want to include content or updates that are most meaningful to you, for example, a significant achievement or the next step in your career.

But don’t overthink, even if you’re inexperienced within your niche, you can still do plenty to show off your LinkedIn highlights section.

At Project Start, we want to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you secure your next job opportunity.

Here is a step by step guide on how to enhance your LinkedIn portfolio


What exactly is a LinkedIn portfolio?

A LinkedIn portfolio is the same as your ‘featured section’ in your profile. In this section of your profile add examples of your work so that people who view your profile can look through the samples in your portfolio to get a sense of what you do within your position.

Think of it like this, if your CV tells people what you do, your portfolio shows it.

You can share all types of content, from web links, images, videos, presentations and more.

How do you update your LinkedIn portfolio and add pieces of your work, here’s what you have to do?


  1. First things first, go to your LinkedIn profile           View profile LinkedIn


2. Click the ‘add section’ button and select the appropriate category under feature          add section LinkedIn

3. From the featured section, you can add different types of content to your LinkedIn portfolio such as posts, links, articles, and media

What can I showcase in my LinkedIn portfolio?

As we have mentioned above, there is a variety of content you can showcase in your portfolio.

But this will mainly depend on your career or achievements. So, consider how you as an individual is different from millions of other people with the same job title as you.

Upload different kinds of content that reveal your key skills, this all depends on the type of career you’re in, you can also sample features of your work such as:

  • Your freelance business with key analytical achievements, such as social media growth and the percentage increase in key accounts reached
  • A presentation you have given
  • An article of yours published in a newsletter or website out of your organisation
  • A mind map to show your logic, or flowchart of your most successful marketing strategy etc.


How much content should you share on your LinkedIn portfolio?

Well, LinkedIn allows you to add an unlimited number of files or links to your profile. Meaning, your portfolio is growing continually throughout your career.

When you’re adding content to your LinkedIn portfolio, you will want to add 2-5 items that fill out the space and give a general overview of you as a person, skills and your branding.

One key piece of advice to note, focus on showcasing a range of project work and use multiple content types that will capture the interest of your target audience.

I still can’t grasp the idea of creating a LinkedIn portfolio?

If you have read this whole blog and are still unsure as to what you need to feature in your LinkedIn portfolio, us at Project Start will never give up on candidates, so here are some different ideas:

  • Social proof and client success
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Work samples
  • Content creation examples
  • A video introducing yourself and the brand you work with or have created
  • A short version of your CV (PDF version)
  • An infographic showcasing your key skills and achievements
  • Personal branding elements
  • CTA to whoever lands on your profile can take for example, connect with you, visit your calendar for a free consultation
  • FAQ of what you do

From the team here at Project Start, we hope you found this guide to LinkedIn portfolios valuable and you now have an idea or ideas on what to showcase in your profile.