“Attracting new talent to Engineering

Here at Project Start Recruitment, we recognise that the engineering community needs to appeal to more young people, regardless of backgrounds.

The engineering sector is a varied and stimulating career, but we need to work persistently than ever to ensure that engineering is a career choice accessible for the future generation.

Project Start believes it’s just not for the life chances of the young people, but so we have a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the engineering UK sector to thrive. It is important to note that many organisations are already doing important and impacting work in the UK, but there is evidence and agreement that we must work better together to improve quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities to inspire young people into the engineering workforce.

Project Start is happy to report that new research from money.co.uk https://www.money.co.uk/ has revealed that Engineering degrees are the most in-demand in the UK. Money.co.uk analysed more than 1 million job adverts, revealed that in 2020, 76,838 job adverts listed “engineering degree” as part of the job specification.

The Co-Founder of the recruitment website Check-a-Salary, Danny Aldridge commented on the specific findings: ‘This increase in demand for IT and Mathematical related degrees emphasises the importance of the Engineering sector for the UK.’

The analysed job adverts were from 2020 and 2019, revealing which degrees are the most in-demand by employers and how COVID-19 affected the number of job vacancies.

Check out the Project Start infographic for the UK’s top in-demand University degrees and the number of roles requiring that certain degree…

The UK’s top in-demand University degrees

How has COVID-19 affected the most in-demand degrees?

As we know the pandemic undoubtedly has had a devastating effect on many businesses and this, in turn, has had a knock-on effect on the current job market. With the number of jobs available declining during the pandemic, it is no surprise that we saw a 34% drop in the number of vacancies requiring a degree in 2020 compared to 2019.

Despite engineering degrees being the most requested during 2020, the number of job vacancies requesting the specific qualification decreased 25% on 2019’s numbers.

Despite the bad news, Project Start is happy to report that some degrees continued to increase in demand year-on-year.

These degrees are:

  • Computer Information Systems and Computer System Engineering degrees saw a 2636% and 3067% increase.
  • Information Systems, Computer Systems and Data Science degrees also continued to increase in demand despite the pandemic.

You can see the full study, which includes further analysis on year-on-year degree demand changes here: https://www.money.co.uk/savings-accounts/degree-demand-report

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