I have listened to the wonderful news of so many schools achieving an all-time high in A Level grades this year. 2 of our local schools in Bristol had achieved their best ever year in Grade A-C in their A Levels and that fills me with such hope for my son who is currently in Year 6 and will be embarking on high school next September.
These students will now be finding out that they made the grade to join the university of their choice and continue with their fulltime education – a big well done to those girls and guys!

But for those who didn’t make the grade, it is a unique time for employers to offer apprenticeships that will help the A Level Student on their path to a new career.

At 18 I went out to work. I wanted to earn money and fuel a social life I had started to enjoy but I wished there was the apprenticeship opportunities available to me that are available to A Level Students now.
Now the additional choice of apprenticeships available is exceptional and really should be part any young person’s thought process in what their options are.

But I eventually chose a career in recruitment (which let’s face it, not one recruitment consultant I know, woke up and said I want to be a Recruitment Consultant) which allowed me to grow my personal skills, develop my communications levels and give me a self-purpose and confidence in the work place, OK the money was pretty damn good too! So, as I had to start paying rent to the folks – only downside for an 18-year-old, but I am glad that I took the sales career path when I did.

There are so many employers now offering 2 or 3-year professional services apprenticeship to A Level students, which I am not sure that they are aware of, that by the end of the qualification you will pretty much be on the same level as a university leaver in salary and knowledge.

However, as an employer offering a Trainee Recruitment Consultant’s Apprenticeship, I have found it very tricky to reach these young people, and believe me I have tried!

We have engaged with training companies, companies that specialise in apprenticeships, the Skills Funding Agency, the Government Gateway, Jobcentres and even Facebook, but the response has been low and I really don’t know why?
Again, I guess this is because you don’t set out to be a Recruitment Consultant but what they don’t realise is just how rewarding a career in Recruitment is.

No 2 days are the same, its fast paced and the challenges you face are endless and what’s even better you are paid commission on top of your weekly wages which is uncapped – now that has to be a hook, but still the uptake has been slow…………

So, if you have or know of A Level Students with a bit of get up and go in them, that you think would be great on the phone, then think about a Recruitment Apprenticeship!

Project Start are looking for an Apprentice in their Yate branch and possibly another one in 6 months’ time, so please ask around and apply. We would be happy to also point you in the direction of the specialist Apprenticeship companies that have a vast choice of different Apprenticeships and not just in Recruitment, so pick up the phone to us, university is not your only option.

Call Clare on 07799 886594 or email Clare on clare@projectstart.co.uk