4 years ago today, we opened our recruitment doors and Project Start was born.
Launching a business in the North Bristol / South Gloucestershire area, filled a skills gap and we have been supporting clients and candidates in a number of sectors across the UK ever since.
The organic growth of the business has been a testament to 4 successful years and we have created a fantastic team that has driven the business forward; I can only say they are the real treasures of this company.
The last 4 months have proven that and today we stand here stronger than ever, through a pandemic that wasn’t going to take any prisoners!
In some ways we have taken this time to take stock and re set our business as so many others have and created plans & strategies that will carry the business forward for years to come.
Since 2016, we have created a brand that is now recognisable in the market, raised our profile across so many digital media platforms and launched a sister company Office Owls that we are super proud of.
We have gained wonderful testimonials along the way about the level of service we provide and have cemented strong relationships with major players in the Engineering, FM and Technology markets.
We want to thank our clients for giving us the opportunity to work through the pandemic and for the patience of our candidates that we have continued to work with.
Most importantly I want to thank our Consultants that have dug deep and worked effortlessly through the last few months, it’s been a pleasure to have you by my side.
Here is to the next 4 years!