This New Year held so many new plans for businesses after the year we had in 2020 , but with Lockdown #3 now in place, after just 2 days back in the office when BoJo announced we are to go back into lockdown, how are you and your team remaining positive, upbeat and motivated whilst working from home again?

Here, I have put together some “TOP TIPS” to consider when working remotely during the pandemic, which I will help you and your colleagues, should you wish to read and share……

Working remotely can be hard! In order to feel like you are staying on track and motivated to get the most out of working day, it takes a strong mindset and pure will and determination, all which can shift when you are at home without your colleagues around you.

Tip #1: Create a clean, dedicated workspace

Whilst working from home, not having many other reasons to leave the house, it is important to have a designated workspace so you are able to define work from home life. Setting up a specific workspace will allow you to get into some sort of routine and allow you to differentiate your working day to the rest of your life.  When it is time to switch off and unwind, it will feel like you went to work, as opposed to sitting in bed in your PJ’s all day!   I have set my workspace just like I have at work and it really does help.

Tip #2: Be organised and structured in your working day

It is important to be organised, structured and disciplined in your working day. Try and set yourself some targets; for example, aim to achieve certain things you need to do in your day or set goals to do by a certain time or create a schedule first thing so you know exactly what your plan of attack for that working day will be.  You would probably do this at work, so do this at home also.

Tip #3: Take a break

It is easy to let the day run away with you when working from home and get caught up in the activities of your working day. Ho many of us have said that you are working longer hours since working from home?  It is important to take your eyes off the screen for a comfort break, just as you would if you were in the office. Do not feel guilty for coming away from the laptop for a moment, you will find it will make you much more productive and focused for the rest of the day and that little rest was well worth it!

Tip #4: Stay connected

If you have always worked as part of a team or alongside other colleagues, it is very important to stay connected and to still feel part of the team, even when working remotely. As the whole world has turned to virtual meeting platforms, with Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or good old WhatsApp, catching up once a day/ once a week (whatever is needed for your business) is really important. It is a chance to share ideas, frustrations and catch up about your working weeks and goals as a team. Even though we are all separated at the moment, you don’t have to remain disconnected, we are all in this together, keep that communication alive!

Tip #5: Be kind to yourself 

Don’t be too tough on yourself! Everyone is bound to have better and more productive days than others sometimes, and with all the other stresses in the world at the moment it is more important than ever to be kind to yourself, there is always tomorrow!

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