Company values and their importance 


At Project Start, we believe that having clear company values, ensures all employees are working towards the same goals.

Therefore, if all employees are working to achieve similar goals, the core values support the business vision and shape the culture and future of the business.

A business without core values isn’t really a business, without values how can you build a great team, deliver excellent customer service and create innovative approaches if you haven’t defined to your employees what your company values are.

Core company values impact your business strategy, they help you create a purpose, improve team cohesion, and create a sense of commitment within the workplace.

Building a strong workforce starts with building a company culture that reflects your core values.

Project Start’s DNA


Creative =

At Project Start, our employees have a creative way of finding innovative solutions for our clients and create opportunities for candidates. We offer flexibility to create bespoke results depending on your requirements or project.

Honest = 

We are more than just a recruitment organisation as we offer a transparent and honest service that will bring you better results. We will provide marketing insights, salary surveys, headhunting activities, and job specification alignment to get a better understanding of what is required.

Dedicated = 

At Project Start, we are dedicated to fully supporting your business and we will find you the best talent in some of the most challenging locations and skillsets.

No one is ever left in the dark when they choose to partner with us, we will commit till the end!

Passionate = 

With 20 years experience of working in some of the most highly regulated industries, we have adopted a very ethical way of working with some of the best organisations. We are a passionate group of Recruitment Consultants, who are highly dedicated in core key sectors to deliver a successful service within our specialised markets.

With company values in place, we want our employees at Project Start to feel motivated and engaged. If our Recruitment Consultants have a better understanding of the company goals they will work harder to achieve them.


The company values of Project Start