Jasmin at Project Start reviews “How to get ahead as a Digital Creative in 2021”

The digital scene is always evolving and constantly changing. At Project Start Recruitment we have hired our very own digital marketing executive Jasmin, she believes that staying ahead as a digital creative requires keeping up with the latest trends while obtaining new skills.

Our Project Start marketer has a few tips to help make you or your technology company thrive within the creative industry.

1. Learn to work with new tools (they seem scary at first, but will end up being one of your closest friends)

As a marketer we are sometimes expected to create engaging social media posts, a little like graphic designers it’s extremely important to stay up to date on what’s new or popular in your niche and find ways to adapt your skills to stay relevant. This will help you understand the latest industry trends and what is needed to thrive in your artistic career.

The hot graphic design tools that I use in my role at Project Start are:
  • Canva (the holy grail of marketing tools)
  • Adobe applications such as adobe spark and InDesign
  • Ceros looks a lot like adobe but more simplified
  • Beacon, when it comes to designing ebooks/flipbooks for email marketing campaigns this is the tool
  • Lumen5 creates impactful, engaging videos from your existing content so you can make videos part of your marketing strategy
  • Wideo, you can design and create animated business videos instead of live-action samples

Since starting my position at Project Start, I have added extra design knowledge to my creative brief, learning to work with new tools is a win-win because you get the added benefit of beefing up your resume with extra skill sets.

2. Create as often as you can!

If you are anything like me, my brain constantly thinks of many creative ideas even when I am busy working on other marketing tasks or when I am sound asleep (you never know when inspiration will strike). It’s important to keep your mind fresh and inspired, try and design every day whether it is for work or just for fun.

Try avoiding projects that don’t bring out your creative side, get involved in projects that you are passionate about and challenge yourself.

3. Use failure & criticism as motivation

Not everyone will want to praise your work and that’s okay, don’t let this discourage you. Learning to embrace criticism is one of the best ways to improve as a creative. Turn that fear of failure into fuel and use it to improve on your work, explore what went wrong and learn from such mistakes.

I have made a few creative mistakes here at Project Start, but I experimented patiently when creating social media content… and now the recruitment agency is recognised for their three main colours and traffic light system (the three coloured dots).

4. Work on your management skills

As a creative professional, every day is different and your tasks can be very diverse, especially when you are managing multiple projects. Designing is part of that project, but not the entire thing. So, working on your management skills is a must. The easiest way I can suggest for you to do this is by creating daily habits or a work plan and stick to it.

The daily to-do list is an organisational lifesaver, I allot time for each activity as I know I have other creative tasks to crack on with. Checking things off of your list every time you complete a task will give you the confidence boost to finish off quality work.

In the long run, improving your management skills will help you work more efficiently.

5. Don’t forget – Use social media as one of your online portfolios!

A portfolio is a must when you are in this design industry, you want to establish an online presence on social media to showcase the work you have done. Never underestimate the power of a strong social media presence.

Check out my social media online portfolio here: https://www.instagram.com/projectstartrec/

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