Digital Marketers and Recruitment Consultants all apply their professionalism when attracting clients and candidates to their business. The roles work synonymously side-by-side, generating engagement from a marketing point of view which then creates a sales funnel into the Recruitment Team.

In this blog, our Digital Marketing Executive Jasmin Stevens will highlight some of the key points that she has identified in the Recruitment sector since starting her role at Project Start Recruitment.


Digital Marketing

The fundamentals of Digital Marketing


Content Marketing and Social Media

Recruitment is a sector that is evolving and changing as time goes on, the rise in social media has changed the scene for all businesses especially the Recruitment market. Social media has made it easier than ever before for brands to communicate with potential new employees and other employers.

Furthermore, the push for social media activity whilst we carried our businesses through the pandemic, meant we have had to “think outside of the box” and be as creative as ever!

It’s important to remember that using content effectively, will ensure you are communicating with your customers in the right way. Content marketing can be one of the best ways to attract new clients and candidates, when accompanied by a well thought out digital marketing strategy.

Increasing your brand presence online with industry-relevant content is a great way to engage and attract key stakeholders. Updating across all social media accounts regularly with fresh, relevant (this word here is KEY) and strategic content will help gather the right attention from the right people.

Project Start entertained the world of vlogging in 2020 when we started to work from home and we wanted to reach out to our clients and candidates, with an update on what we were still recruiting for and this has turned into a very popular platform for the business, so much so, we now have our very own Tube Channel.

Project Start are posting regular updates across all their social media channels, ranging from engaging fun content to more corporate trends – please keep your eyes peeled and follow us on our socials!

Benefits of Online Marketing

Using Digital Marketing will help you reach an enormous audience in a way that is measurable but cost-effective to the business. There are many benefits when it comes to online marketing and these include:

  • Interaction, as a business you can communicate effectively and learn from your target audience and understand exactly what they are looking for.
  • The ability to reach a global market.
  • You can save money and reach more customers organically; you don’t always have to spend money on promotion.
  • Get to know your audience, engagement with key accounts will allow a business relationship to form creating brand loyalty.
  • Google Analytics will be your most trustworthy source when tracking marketing efforts.


google analytics

Marketing analytics


Branding and Design

As a Marketeer, I can’t stress this marketing point enough, your image represents who you are as a brand. Branding is essential in keeping up to date and ensuring that your communications/posts send the right message. If your brand isn’t reflective of the business, you may struggle to inspire your audience.


Project Start Recruitment

The Project Start brand image



Project Start has a unique branding image representing who we are as a business, the image is visually identifiable due to our three main company colours – check our colours out here: https://www.instagram.com/projectstartrec/

Make your website visually appealing, with a responsive design and a straightforward user experience – check out the Project Start Recruitment website here: https://www.instagram.com/projectstartrec/ we have provided both clients and candidates with all the information they need when partnering with us.


Project Start Recruitment recently hired their own Digital Marketing Executive, which is now an integral part of the team and happens to be an essential employee for a growing Recruitment firm.

Jasmin achieved a Merit in her MSc in Marketing Communications, applying her knowledge to her new role she is staying up to date with relevant trends in this industry, please follow her Project Start updates here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasmin-stevens/