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At Project Start, our Executive Search capabilities offers a high-level mapping and headhunting service to attract senior talent in a wide range of industries. Our team of Executive Search Recruitment Consultants will identify the most talented and ambitious leaders in your field.

We will work closely and efficiently with your organisation, to help carefully define a role and we will shortlist and track suitable candidates who closely match your needs and requirements, some of whom may not be on the open market. We are able to seamlessly do this due to the training our Recruiters have been through in the different methods of networking, headhunting, mapping, interviewing and psychometric testing of senior level candidates in positions such as; Board Members, CEO/VP’s, Directors, Head Of Departments, Operations, Programme Managers and Senior Consultants.

Our discreet communication and interview skills are unrivalled and allow us to secure leaders who have dedicated their career to company growth, revenue, positive change and leadership. Whether you’re going through a period of growth, a company restructure or replacing a gap in the senior team, get in touch with our consultants today to recruit the next executive within your organisation.


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Identifying and approaching the most talented and ambitious leaders in the market, by means of networking, and headhunting is what we are best at.

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We use our knowledge of your business’s structure to find the right person for an available position.

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Whatever type of role you are looking for we have a wide range of recruitment capabilities to provide you with the best opportunities.