TBH I have never really given it much thought and reflected on this given day to all women, but this week I have. I realised, that we are still living in a non-equal world and find ourselves in situations in the work place or in the home where women are not treated as equal.

Now I know that since the Suffragettes burnt their bras and protested for years for the right of a political vote, we will be forever grateful to those who fought for their future generations, and yes we have come on so far, but as we are still promoting a women’s day globally thus meaning that we are still not treated as equals and feel the need as a nation to highlight this – which after 136 years when the Isle of Man gave women who owned a property the right to vote, you would have thought such a day would not be necessary.

All the same it’s a good day to be recognised, get those heated conversations going on national TV as we have seen this morning, from a Polish Politician who truly believes women are less intelligent than men and to accept any coffee/tea making duties that the men feel obliged to do today.

But on this reflection of mine, I had put to the back of my own mind times when in my career, I have been treated as a second class being. I have not received the rewards a male colleague had, I wasn’t given the opportunity and promotion through pure hard work and dedication like my male colleagues did and so I can see in some ways why the recognition of this momentous day is still celebrated in industry and in life. I have had to fight for reward when it was due in the work place which is a real shame but it never stopped me fighting.

Thank you nation, for acknowledging us, we will relish in our day and hope that in another 132 years the 8th March, is a day that celebrates equal achievement finally!

National Equal People Day – now wouldn’t that be a fine thing………..