Whether your industry is within engineering, construction, technology or industrial, attracting mid-level staff is very challenging, yet it’s the most sought-after experience that a business wants to hire!

These are the candidates that have gained their “after college work experience”, or the post graduate with a few years commercial experience that have stayed with their employers who have put them through an apprenticeship or graduate scheme.

It’s the level of candidate that has probably been promoted through a trainee ship and have started to become more responsible in their company but have not yet been given them the full pressures of project budgets and P & L’s, or an actual team of staff.

But this is the most attractive candidate to an employer, so how do we attract them?

Project Start has recently carried out research with a number of local companies to find out why they have struggled to attract mid-level staff and what suggestions have been made to resolve this issue.

From looking at the general activity on the main job boards the 3-5 years level candidate offering their CV is sparse, so why is this?  On approaching candidates with this amount of experience, they generally stated that there were not looking to leave their role, as their current employer had recently offered them a pay rise to stay with the company and had given them more responsibility after completing their 2-3 years graduate/trainee scheme programme.