Did you say to yourself at Christmas that you were going to reignite your career in 2020, but have found that we are now nearly in February and you are not really that sure how to go about this?

Well Project Start Recruitment Solutions, can help you assess your current employment situation, guide you through creating a career plan and with our help target companies that match your skillset and offer you the culture you want to work in.
First of all, create yourself a Career Plan

Develop a refined list of career options by examining your interests, skills, and values through self-assessing your current role: –

Narrow your career options by reviewing career information, research companies that you are interested in and even talk to professionals in the field that may have worked for them.

Try and prioritise the list also: –

What are your top skills?

What interests you the most?

What’s most important to you? Whether it’s intellectually challenging work, family-friendly benefits, the right location or the right salary, it helps us to know what matters to you

What satisfies you about your current role, but on the flip side list what you dislike about your job also?

Look at the current job market, what roles are being advertised that interest you and then make a list of comparisons between your role and the one you may want to apply for.

Then please give the Project Start Team a on 01454 529009 to make an appointment.
Together we will set a detailed objective.

We will discuss your identified career options and develop an action plan to implement this decision.

Project Start have helped many candidates in the last few weeks, set a career plan and strategically work towards approaching the right companies for the right role.

If you are finding you are in this situation, call it a crossroad in your career, then we are here to help.