So is your business digital ready? Like it or not, digital marketing has become an integral part of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes. In our roles as Digital Marketers, strategists and consultants, we have worked with businesses of all sizes from one-man shows to enterprise organisations.

More often than not, we find the same types of issues hampering their online marketing success, before they even get started! For many business owners, CEO’s and Marketing Managers, Digital has only recently become a necessary addition to the company’s marketing requirements, so it can present a minefield for the un-informed.

Not every business needs to use every platform or marketing technique: that will be decided when you develop your digital marketing strategy. But there are some things that all businesses should have regardless of their target audience or industry. We’ve put together this checklist that will help you get the basics right so you can start your digital marketing activities off on the right foot, or help you give yourself a mini audit to identify areas that might improve your existing digital marketing activities.
We hope this helps you and your team get digital ready!

Are you digital ready?