Project Start would like to welcome Claire McCarthy to our team

Claire is our new Senior Tech Consultant and will be heading up our Technology division here at Project Start. Claire specialises in the Software Development, Infrastructure and Data sectors of the tech industry and Claire works within a niche market, meaning she will develop a close-knit network within the Tech market that is ever-changing.

Claire brings with her 6 years’ experience in the Tech Consultant industry and has developed a love for the technology sector, with Frontend Development being one of her favourites due to the creativity capabilities.

Claire approaches her clients by finding out what technologies are within their businesses and what areas they struggle to recruit for.  Once Claire knows this, she is able to approach the right candidates going forward through recommendations, networking and advertising.

Claire has gained so much knowledge in order to perform her duties well! The opportunities here for Claire at Project Start Recruitment allows her to grow her technology business within a company that has a great culture and all the tools she will need in order to be successful.

Being a Senior Consultant, Claire has worked across many different sectors, emerging markets and encountered many scenarios that has given her expansive knowledge in her area.  She offers up to date market insights, career advice and alternative candidate’s attraction methods.

We cannot wait to watch Claire grow alongside the Project Start team.

Please get in touch with Claire to discuss how she can support your business with your recruitment needs.

If you are looking for a new career change, please send your CV to clairem@projectstart.co.uk or call 07538 103064

Follow her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-mccarthy-4590b5205/

Check out more opportunities on our website – https://www.projectstart.co.uk/jobs/