Did you know Project Start Recruitment had a YouTube Channel?

We are so excited here at Project Start to have launched our own You Tube Channel !!!!!

We want to bring to you guys the latest industry news, job seekers top tips, market updates and hot jobs videos and we are now posting it all via our YouTube Channel!

Please go to our channel and view our videos!!!  This is where you will find fun, light-hearted video content over the last few weeks, that we hope brings a smile to your face and you can learn about a new job opportunity or top tip from us!

Just search, Project Start Recruitment and you can stream all of the updates from there.

If there is anything you wanted to see us video blog about, in the coming weeks, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

You never know, we may make some YouTube stars out of our Consultants yet and mention our viewers in the videos!!!

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