Due to the increasing threat of COVID – 19, Project Start and Office Owls are taken their own measures to protect its workers, clients and candidates, to limit the impact where possible.

The office is now operating a visitors ban until further notice and our Director has even been making the company its own hand sanitiser, as we have not been able to buy any readymade solution, so we are not going to run out of this in the foreseeable future and this will be available at all times within our premises!

As the concerns around Coronavirus changes daily, all our staff will be fully set up to work from home between from 23rd – 27th March, and this will be extended if necessary. We are currently working with our clients to convert face to face interviews into video calls (and why not). I believe you will agree, business needs to continue in some way shape or form.

Whilst we change the way we work over the next coming weeks, we will make every effort to achieve the fantastic levels of service that our clients and candidates are accustomed to, but please expect some delays in the process. However, communication will be normal, and we will continue to be contactable throughout the working hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We will continue to follow government guidelines and do what is right for our staff and everyone associated with our business.
Please do not hesitate to call us on 01454 529009, our office calls will be diverted to our consultant’s mobiles whilst working from home.

Thank you for cooperation throughout this time.

Clare Golding
Director & Hand Sanitiser Maker