Project-Start-talks-aboutYour roundup of social media marketing tips


Project Start’s very own Digital Marketing Executive Jasmin has been providing essential tips for Marketing Creatives, Wannabe Marketers or businesses to ace at their social media marketing over the last few months.

Did you know there are around 4.2 billion active social media users according to Hootsuite ‘The Global State of Digital 2021’ https://www.hootsuite.com/resources/digital-trends.

Those users spend on average 2 hours every single day on social media. Whereas Jasmin feels like she spends 24 hours a day across the social media world! But don’t worry guys, she loves to build brand awareness for Project Start Recruitment, so much so, she decided to write this blog all about social media!


10 essential social media tips, brought to you by Jasmin



#1           ALWAYS start with a plan

NEVER jump into social media, plan out your business strategy. A business strategy will represent the effort and time involved when it comes to creating your social media pages for business. Without a plan in place, there is no clear goal for what you are trying to achieve.

Take your time when it comes to creating social media content, this will ensure all the social media planning will support specific goals.

Create goals that follow the simple yet effective SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals.) Essentially base your business goals on metrics that will have an impact on your social media.

At Project Start, Jasmin can be super busy, her organisational skills are on point (sometimes, but we all have room for minor improvements hey) she uses Hootsuite to schedule the company’s posts.

#2           Choosing the right platforms for your business

NEVER make assumptions about your audience or where they spend their time online. Tik Tok is one platform Jasmin is trying to persuade the Project Start crew to become viral on…??

It is a well-established brand with a huge audience following, Tik Tok saw on average 56 million app downloads in December 2020.

Could this be due to the pandemic? Let Project Start know your thoughts…

#3           Get to know your audience

Social media is an effective way to micro-target your audience. BUT you need to understand who your audience is. Study your current audience and comply data from them, after this, you can discover more with social media analytics.

#4           Expanding your audience

Once you have a clear picture of who your audience is, go and visit your social media plan! It’s time to reach people about your services and products.

#5           Build relationships

There are many benefits when it comes to social media marketing, one of the most overlooked steps is building relationships. Building relationships will allow you to talk directly to customers and followers. Always build relationships over time.

When your audience engages with your content, remember to engage back. This will help build a form of trust and build up a loyal following. As your audience like and share your content, you will then rise in the social algorithms and gain new, free, exposure.

Always connect with other businesses in your niche and establishing brand trust. Sometimes mentioning followers in posts and stories can be scary at first, but it will help establish relationships with your biggest fans (followers).

#6           Wait… you have to pay attention to trends!

Try not to leap on every meme that goes viral, instead pay attention to trends in social media, so you can grasp an understanding of what people are looking for.

Always keep your audience’s current needs in mind. What worked last year might not work currently.

#7           Hey DJ – Mix up the social media post formats

It’s always a good idea to switch up your social media posts from time to time. Take advantage of all the different formats within different social networks, such as Instagram stories, Instagram reels or even live video, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

#8           Always quality over quantity 

Remember you do not need to do it all, it’s more important to create quality content on a couple of key channels than it is to have a presence on every social media channel.

Be sure that all the social media posts you create offer value, social media marketing is about building on relationships with your audience.

Be honest, post amazing content, never fake the content.

#9           Use the right social media tools

Take advantage of the right social media tools, effectively it will simplify much of the work. There are many tools that will help boost productivity and help make your social media channels thrive.

Engagement management: Hootsuite is a good tool to use, it will centralise all mentions and messages directed at your company in one place. You then can respond and engage without having to log into your accounts.

Analytics: One of the most important social media tools to have ever existed, google analytics, Instagram insights, LinkedIn analytics, Facebook page insights will help you gather a better picture of your overall social efforts.

Graphics: Make your social media content look pretty! Canva is a top tool for this and is so easy to understand.

Content curation: Sometimes it can be a struggle to come up with new ideas, content curation is here to save the day! It is the art of sharing quality posts from other users, please make sure you credit them for their work.

#10         Finally, remember to track your social media work

As you have your social media strategy implemented, keep track of the content which has worked really well VS the content we deserve to forget about. Fine-tune your efforts and continue to improve results.

Project Start has seen a big increase across our social media platforms thanks to Jasmin who has spent most of her time organically growing our followers.  We have seen an increase in performance with search views up by 33% within the last month.


Be Bold, be Brave, Be Creative – Jasmin x