The Art of Recruitment Psychology, when I joined the industry in 1998, I had some telesales and field sales experience under my belt, and could interact well clients face to face. But my product was not a person.  I came from a background of selling mobile phones and quite frankly 20 years ago, mobile phones were a cool thing to sell back then.

Mobile phones don’t have priorities or expectations though and they certainly don’t change their mind, so having a human being as a product was quite the challenge.

However, the biggest learning curve that I think any recruiter goes through is just how important it is to understand the candidate’s background and their motivation for wanting a new position.

Before beginning the recruitment process, the “good recruiters” in the industry will strive to understand what an applicant’s motivation is in seeking a new career opportunity.

Why didn’t you get on with that manager?  Why did you not enjoy the working environment?  What stopped you from improving the situation for yourself?  – all sounds very “sit on my couch madam and tell me all about it”, but that is what you have to become – The Psychologist!

Once recruiters know why candidates desire new positions, they can confidently begin the recruitment process.