Let’s join the Big Engineering Conversation to drive change!

EngineeringUK is inviting the engineering community to take part in the Big Engineering Conversation, check out EngineeringUK here https://www.engineeringuk.com/ Project Start reports that this new campaign is to help encourage discussion and realise the ambition to increase diversity and the number of young people entering the engineering sector.



EngineeringUK will release a series of Talking Points over the next 3 months, aiming to get employers, individual engineers, delivery organisations and professional engineering institutions to talk and share their expertise to propel the change needed to work together and grow the sectors shared impact. Some of the topics that will help stimulate debate are ‘Why is collaboration so important in inspiring the next generation?’ and ‘What have we learnt from delivering engagement activities in a pandemic?’ and ‘How can we improve diversity in the engineering sector and why is it important?’.

Project Start acknowledges that the EngineeringUK team will share their insight and experience in the form of blogs and short videos. As part of this “Big Engineering Conversation” campaign, the community is invited to engage online and across social media with the hashtag #BigEngConversation and offer individual thoughts and expertise to varying topics.

For example, using that particular hashtag you could:

  • Share key statistics on social media and bring the topic to life.
  • Write a blog about the engineering situation or a case study surrounding current industry affairs.
  • Communicate with a spokesperson from their organisation to record and share their key insights.
  • ‘Provide insight for a young person trying to start a career in engineering.

According to research carried out by EngineeringUK, nearly 50% of 11–19-year-olds said they knew little or ‘almost nothing’ about what engineers do. It is key to note that the EngineeringUK’s ambition, is to grow the number and diversity of future engineers they want to work with, with the wider engineering community, so young people understand the engineering roles available in the future.

Project Start has vital knowledge when it comes to the engineering industry and we are confident in our understanding of the roles within this sector such as Design Engineers, Technical Consultants, Operations Management and many more. We engage with college leavers and graduates about the different opportunities our clients offer at entry-level to kick start their career in the engineering sector.

The CEO of EngineeringUK, Dr Hilary Leevers, said: ‘The Big Engineering Conversation’ is a chance to get everyone sharing ideas and insights to build our collective knowledge. If we’re to realise the ambition of having a greater number of young people enter engineering from a wider range of backgrounds, it is essential that we work together.

Engineering is a varied, important and stimulating career but we need to work harder than ever to ensure that it’s a career choice accessible for the next generation. Greater diversity in talent and thought in the workplace improves innovation, creativity, resilience, productivity and market insight enabling more of us to feel the benefits from engineering and technology products as well as services, and also allows young people to improve their own life chances.

Project Start is encouraging individuals who work in the engineering sector or individuals who want to pursue a career in this industry to follow EngineeringUK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_EngineeringUK and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/engineeringuk/ to share insights, experience and questions using the hashtag #BigEngConversation or visit https://www.engineeringuk.com/big-engineering-conversation/ for further information.