Project-Start-talks-aboutThis is the new era of work…

We have encountered many changes in the past year due to this disruptive pandemic, the world of work as we know it changed overnight. The year 2020 affected businesses to do things in a different manner.

With new changes in place, companies are now looking for an increase in a candidate skill set such as “soft skills”. For the past year, remote working has been the new normal and has contributed to employers seeking out individuals who have the required soft skills to prevail in the face of new challenges.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are more personal abilities, these are the required skills that are needed for the job outside of the technical skills you have obtained. Soft skills can seem ordinary, but they are central for employers and their businesses.

The top soft skills (from a Project Start point of view)

  1. Create solutions and innovation around a problem.

The past year has presented us with many new challenges, the last matter an employer wants is an individual who sees a situation as a challenging one and chooses to abandon the problem. Instead, try and think logically and creatively to improve on the problems that appear in your role.

Creatively come up with new ideas from addressing the problem, the more creative the idea the better. This thinking will lead to innovation and developments within the company you work for.

If you are being interviewed express how you talked about such challenges, every role has hurdles and employers want to hire individuals who are not afraid to face challenging situations. Check out how to “Ace a Video Interview” with Project Start https://www.projectstart.co.uk/how-to-ace-a-video-interview/

  1. Communication

Communication skills can range from how you communicate with a client, colleagues, and potential candidates. Most communication now is presented through emails, chats, video calls and phone calls, robust communication skills are essential more than ever before.

  1. Time management

Keep yourself organised, remember to organise your schedule and the tasks you are ready to tackle for that day. Hopefully being more organised with help you get your projects done on time and in an efficient style. Working from home can save time by cutting out commutes, but it can also add many distractions.

Do you prefer working from home?

We’re all back here at Project Start and we are all so happy to be back!

  1. Be open-minded and develop a growth approach

We all want longevity in our careers, but to ensure this will arise you need to adapt and grow alongside changes within your industry and the job market. Individuals with a growth mindset are motivated to achieve by wanting to learn new skills in order to move with their changing market. Basically, you are being adaptable and willing to go above and beyond.

  1. Emotional skills

Having emotional intelligence is a positive attribute to own, it is the ability to evaluate, perceive and respond to your emotions whilst understanding the emotions of others. This means you are able to think empathetically about the people in your workplace.

This soft skill has taken a whole new meaning for 2021, stress, grief, and frustration are noticeable as we are all working our way through the COVID pandemic. Having the ability to read the emotions of your employees and co-workers is vital.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to be kind.

  1. Collaborating with your co-workers

Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it seems. But learning to trust your co-workers, work together and give to accept ideas you will be well ahead. Take on accepting ideas from other colleagues and maximize your team’s overall efficiency by engaging with each individual strength.

  1. Adaptability

The word change and action is now a major part of the modern-day working world. We have endured a transformation of technology, video calls are now an everyday occurrence, working and collaborating online is the new norm.

This technology creation has required individuals to adapt to new working methods, new technology and technology systems. Adaptation is the new way forward of thinking.

  1. Listen

Such a simple skill, but most people forget to politely listen to others. Active listeners show they are engaged in conversation with body movements like a nod of the head or saying little things like “okay”. Remember to ask questions back, make eye contact when someone is speaking to you and withhold your judgement.

  1. Become a leader

Leadership will evaluate you even further within your career. No matter the job role, employers are looking for individuals who can grow beyond that role. It is key to note that leadership skills require the combination of all the other soft skills put together.

Final thoughts with Project Start…

Soft skills can make you a much more attractive candidate for a role. As you review the soft skills listed above highlight the ones that will help you shine in your work environment and your interview.

At Project Start, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.